Character list

The character list chosen for Onobrychis viciifolia is made up from a range of Quantitative versus Qualitative which has frequently featured as key morphological characters in recent publications (Carbonero et al. 2012) & (Carbonero et al 2011) 

These were therefore considered appropriate characters to carry out morphometric analysis using the herbarium sheets. 

Leaf length (mm)
Leaf Width (mm)
Leaf Ratio length:width

Leaflet number
Leaflet arrangement  Opposite (0) Alternate (1)
Petiole Length (mm)
Petiole Indumentum  glabrous (0) sparse (1) dense (2)
Leaflet Indumentum on lower surface of the leaf  glabrous (0) sparse (1) dense (2)
Leaflet length (mm)
Leaflet width (mm)
Leaflet Ratio length:width
Leaflet shape Obovate (0) Oblanceolate (1)
Leaflet  end shape Obovate (0) Oblanceolate (1) lanceolate (2)
Leaflet margin* Entire (0) or not (1)
Extension of mid-veined beyond the Lamina  presence (0) or absent (1)
Length of mid veined beyond the Lamina (mm)

Stipule presence* (0) or absent (1)

Sheath length (mm)
Sheathing Width (mm)
Stem Length (mm)
Stem indumentum  glabrous (0) sparse (1) dense (2)

Calyx length (mm)
Flower number*

A few of the scored characters are subjective and have photograph to accompany the character. This is to help define the interpretation of that particular character. Furthermore three of the characters selected were not included in the analysis after discovering that all the leaflets have a entire leaf margin similarly the stipule was not present on the herbarium sheets. Finally the flower number was quite difficult to accurately count per inflorescence due to the flowers being tightly packed. However, the character which could further the study would be floral dissections measuring the keel and wings of the flowers.




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